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London – an excellent location not only for leisure but also for business. Plan to combine work with recreation – do not forget to book a hotel in London. Four-star hotels are located near the business district of London or near major tourist routes, not far from the quarters of fashionable shops and markets. You can choose a hotel which is a monument of architecture of the Victorian era, or a townhouse in modern style. In inexpensive London hotel has both standard rooms and Executive guest room or options for people with disabilities. Standard room of this London hotel can be supplemented with a work Desk. The room has Internet. Four-star hotels in London often offer a traditional English Breakfast. Cheap hotels offer a variety of services: bars and restaurants in hotels, swimming pools and tennis courts, boat rental and Bicycle rental, Babysitting services and much more. In most hotels of this class there is free Parking. Continue reading

Hotels in Greece, Halkidiki-Kassandra

Crete, the largest Peninsula of Greece is located in the Northern part of the Aegean sea. It consists of three smaller peninsulas, his famous “fingers” of the Peninsula of Kassandra in the West, Sithonia in the middle and mount Athos Peninsula to the East.

This geographical feature defines the coastline of the Peninsula, with its Lacy coasts, stretching for 500km, and she, in turn, makes Halkidiki, the most popular tourist resort of Northern Greece, which is in no way inferior to the Greek Islands. The opportunity to get to the Peninsula from the mainland by land and unique combination of green mountains, Golden beaches interspersed with secluded bays and coves, the azure tender sea and the cosmopolitan resorts give him a great advantage and makes Halkidiki the best place for a beach holiday.

Halkidiki offers a relaxing and comfortable stay in countless hotels of all categories ranging from luxurious hotels to 5 star apartment with fairly cheap prices. Continue reading

Rest in Crimea in October

5* hotel “aquamarine”

Outside the window, October is a favourite time travellers and romantics! This atmospheric time calls wrap in a favorite voluminous scarf, to escape into the street, breathing the fresh and spicy autumn air, to warm the hands on a Cup of fragrant mulled wine…

Rest in Crimea in October: autumn mood for the best moments of life

But we offer even better variant – to go on vacation in the Crimea in October, where autumn colors are blended in the mining, marine, steppe landscapes in new splendour. So pack your bags, destination the Crimean Peninsula. Where to stay? Clearly, in “Aquamarine” – a modern 5* hotel Sevastopol.

October weather in Crimea: guess the breath of autumn

The Crimean weather in the middle of the autumn is still quite warm, rainfall is rare. Going on vacation in the Crimea in October, you’ll find still a lot of Sunny days. However, it is time to stock up on umbrellas and jackets – the wind changeable and unpredictable. The day temperature reaches approximately +17°C, slightly colder at night up to +8°C. In the first half of the month the sea is still warm, the water temperature is kept at around 21°C, decrease this figure begins closer to 25-28. Continue reading

Unusual hotels of the world

For many travelers, choosing a hotel for the journey is no less important than the tour itself. And this is completely right, because, you may have to spend a lot more time than just to sleep. And then there are hotels, accommodation in which is a real adventure because they are different from traditional hotel complexes.

For those who are tired of all the usual – the list of original hotels in the world.

In close quarters, but not mad

First in the list are hotels that are not recommended claustrophobic. All the rest, for unique sensations you can try. This capsule hotel in Japan, rooms which are cramped cell with a bed and overhead TV. Although, something it is similar to the passage on the top shelf of our Ukrainian train, so he might not be a gimmick.

Then you can go to the Netherlands and stay at one of these wine barrels. There is double occupancy, so you will not be bored. Or move to Mexico and book your hotel rooms arranged inside the waste pipes. In the extreme case, it is possible to visit Austria and stay in a hotel located in the concrete pipes. Continue reading

Best Barcelona hotels on the sea coast

Every year there is huge number of holidaymakers and businessmen.

That is why the problem of choice of accommodation is highly relevant in this context.

Signs of a decent hotel in the resort area

polite staff;

cosy rooms;

good food;

well-developed infrastructure.

I almost forgot about the most important thing: the hotel should be located near the sea. Just imagine how much time it may take to find a suitable hotel.

That’s why we decided to make a selection of the best hotels in Barcelona, located on the coast.

We will not write the conditioning in each room. This means it goes. Talk about the features of Spanish hotels by the sea. Continue reading

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